ALPHANET’s Service Department operates with the goal of offering our clients high-quality hardware and software service. Our services are based on the ITIL standard for IT Processes, and include servicing installed systems and services, solving software and hardware problems, managing network failures, and maintaining managed systems.

As the flagship partner of Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, ALPHANET places great emphasis on maintenance of warrantied products and providing additional, updated services for the devices.

We work hard to assure that our clients problems are resolved swiftly and efficiency to minimize the financial and productivity impact of device and system failures!

Key Activities

ALPHANET’s specific expertise, skilled and qualified experts and service-oriented operating background ensure a consistent level of operational and support competence in the handling of outsourced processes. ALPHANET’s excellent Service solutions are built upon an extensive knowledge base and many years of experience to solve our clients’ various problems.

ALPHANET’s Operation Support solutions include:

  • End-user support, on location and remotely
  • Operation Support for imaging devices and printers
  • Operational Support for servers, mass storage, and network infrastructure

ALPHANET is a qualified service partner for many of our clients, performing warranty and out-of-warranty service tasks. We make warranty adjustments based on the manufacturer’s regulations, the complexity of incoming cases and the repair time involved.

We are qualified service partners for:

– Hewlett-Packard Inc.

  • printer servicing
  • client device (notebook, desktop) servicing
  • tablet servicing

– Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

  • server servicing
  • data storage servicing
  • rescue device servicing

– Lenovo

  • ThinkPad servicing
  • ThinkPad Tablet servicing
  • ThinkCentre servicing
  • ThinkStation servicing
  • ThinkServer servicing
  • ThinkVision servicing

ALPHANET’s Device Servicing packages include:

  • desktop computer service, repair, and maintenance
  • laptop computer service, repair, and maintenance
  • HP tablet service, repair, and maintenance
  • printer service, repair, and maintenance
  • virus and malware removal and protection
  • data backup and recovery
  • hardware element and component replacement
  • operating system deployment
  • IT consultations
  • custom-tailer computer system and network configuration

ALPHANET’s professional team provides full IT infrastructure maintenance, including client, imaging, server and storage systems, and network devices. We offer our clients infrastructure maintenance solutions built around planned, preventive maintenance when the goal is to increase or extend the life of an existing infrastructure.

If you are interested in the solutions that ALPHANET can provide to your business or organization, reach out to us for a suggestion or make an appointment for a individualized consultation to see how we can help!