IT Infrastructure Services means all-encompassing planning support for businesses’ software and hardware infrastructures. Our professionals can map, analyze, and optimize the IT frameworks of your organization to maximize stability and efficiency.

When it comes to service, system, and network management solutions, ALPHANET’s primary goal is to bring our clients’ frameworks in line with standard approaches to ITSM. We provide frameworks that are end-to-end monitored, always available, and planned with business continuity at the forefront. In realizing our projects, we always prioritize the use of centralized databases, adherence to ITIL-based IT service management, and sound life-cycle planning.

Key Activities

IT Consolidation means the arrangement of existing infrastructure elements, capacities, and resources with the aim of maximalizing cost- and resource- efficiency. Several methods of of IT consolidation exist, among them virtualization, which combines virtual elements (server, network, and storage) with existing and new infrastructure elements to create a shared resource pool. Consolidating along these lines has been shown to reduce downtime and increase capacity and total efficiency, all while making administrative and maintenance tasks simpler and more straightforward.

ALPHANET’s Data Center Services offer trustworthy, always-online connectivity to our customers. Our data center services provide customers with fast and stable public networks, fully equipped with emergency backup power and cooling utilities, as well as adequate security measures to protect the installed equipment.

ALPHANET offers the following data center services:

  • Server installation and operation (hosting)

  • Server rental

  • Server virtualization

  • Data Center migration planning and execution

  • Data Center operation and expansion support

A common problem experienced by our clients is a lack of harmony between their internal and cloud-hosted data systems. Often, clients will have an internal system for handling their critical data, while hosting their project management and team communications processes in the cloud. In these situations, it is important to create processes that harmoniously integrate these two systems. ALPHANET specializes in creating hybrid solutions to handle situations just like this, with all due attention to maintaining existing data security protocols and internal permissions hierarchies.

In the planning of IT systems, the real life cycle of a product can often be much shorter than estimated. Due to the rapid and unpredictable evolution of digital technology, the increasing number of mobile devices in the workplace, employee use of personal devices (BYOD), and the increasing prominence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the workplace, evolving demands require IT systems to constantly be on the cutting edge for full preparedness. For a company to maintain its competitiveness, its software and hardware systems must always be ready to shift to new architectures and to accommodate new approaches. Common modernization procedures include client version updates, increases in storage capacity and processing power, and updates to network and communication system architecture.

ALPHANET’s experienced professionals are at the cutting edge of system architecture modernization, and are prepared to use the latest tools to help your organization tackle the specific needs of its’ IT systems.

A reliable IT system must be prepared to deal with any threats from the outside world, and must be expected to function even in the extreme case of a natural disaster. In a corporate environment, Disaster resistant systems are a pillar of system functionality. In the interest of full data security and maximum uptime, ALPHANET offers planning and implementation of High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) solutions to its’ clients, with solutions for backup and recovery from either the clients’ own facilities or from a specialized data center.

If you are interested in the solutions that ALPHANET can provide to your business or organization, reach out to us for a suggestion or make an appointment for a individualized consultation to see how we can help!