ALPHANET has many years of experience in the operation of electronic education frameworks. Our portfolio includes creation of a unified knowledge base and curriculum development. We have provided our services to companies of every size: small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as companies with over 1,000 employees and companies using systems in large enterprise environments.

ALPHANET’s solution is ideal for companies with more than one office, or companies that operate in several different cities, and it is important to provide workers with unified and uniformly high-quality content and information,. Thanks to the E-Learning system, the number of trips and expenses related to education can be significantly reduced for companies meeting this criteria.

ALPHANET’s E-Learning solutions include:

  • Video Tracking
  • custom-made applications specific to your organizational approaches
  • environmental integration
  • coping ability for high student counts
  • long-distance learning modules
  • user supervision
  • event monitoring
  • monitoring and reporting of user activity
  • comprehensive knowledge base
  • subject planning
  • compliance with international industry standards

Our company mainly deals with the implementation and development of ILIAS and Moodle frameworks, which are the most widely used solutions in this area due to their flexibility, ease of customization and widespread utilization. However, for institutions with needs that cannot be met with either ILIAS or Moodle-based systems, we can also provide implementation and development of specialized educational frameworks that are tailored to the specific needs of an organization.

ALPHANET can help clients to establish new e-learning system as well. We will help you build an e-learning system tailored to your needs, and help with overcoming any technical obstacles or learning curves involved in the implementation of our systems.

If you are interested in the solutions that ALPHANET can provide to your business or organization, or make an appointment for a individualized consultation to see how we can help!