Business Intelligence is the summary term for methods and systems that, with the help of mostly relational and transactional database analyses, increase efficiency of decision-making in the various business areas. ALPHANET’s consultants work to bring our clients faster and more intuitive access to their business data to optimize and expedite their business or organizational workflows.

Key Activities

Many problems in a modern business or organization’s decision making processes can be obstructed by paper-based or otherwise obsolete data storage and gathering processes. ALPHANET can help by introducing cutting-edge, digital approaches to gathering, storing and accessing the data key to making good executive decisions. ALPHANET offers quickly-implemented, thoroughly planned and tailor-made solutions to its clients to support their individual needs.

ALPHANET’s Business Decision-Making solutions include:

  • Data asset analysis and valuation (valuing data for the clients’ specific uses)
  • Business and Financial Decision-Making Support (Executive Support)
  • Creation of Interactive Decision-Making Reports and Alerts

ALPHANET offers its clients services to consolidate and analyze the the data gathered from various databases, content and resources (CRM, ERP, Logistics, customer service).

ALPHANET’s Data Consolidation solutions include:

  • Plan-fact Gap Analysis
  • Development of Business Logic to better meet expected functionality
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Adjustment
  • Business Data Dictionary Creation

ALPHANET’s professional team provides interactive reporting services and support to help clients monitor costs and resources more efficiently, sharpen their critical points, and increase productivity.

If you are interested in the solutions that ALPHANET can provide to your business or organization, reach out to us for a suggestion or make an appointment for a individualized consultation to see how we can help!