In the field of Application Development, ALPHANET offers help with the planning and development of unique web applications and user systems (.NET, Java) according to the specific needs of the customer.

Key Activities

ALPHANET offers the creation of a unique and custom-tailored permissions and identity management (IDM) systems, and can oversee the implementation of industry-leading solutions in this field (RSA, CA). At ALPHANET, we take extra care to respect the needs of our clients’ security strategies and expectations, because we know that any high-security system is always subject to scrutiny by intra- and extra- organizational auditors. As such, ALPHANET’s IDM solutions are always in line with our customers’ expectations and legal obligations.

At ALPHANET, we use ITIL as the basic framework for the construction of new IT systems for our corporate clients. In the implementation of complex IT services, our consultants not only help our clients with selecting the appropriate devices to meet their needs, but also with the establishment of an ITIL-oriented knowledge base at their organization and the longer-term planning necessary to make it a working part of their organization’s workflow. Building services, systems, and network infrastructure according to accepted ITSM standards and fostering an understanding of this at our clients’ companies are our primary goals. In the course of our work, we establish end-to-end monitoring systems and plan for maximum system uptime in the interest of optimal business continuity. We also prioritize the establishment of a centralized database to organize and analyze data and configure maintain services, ITIL-based service management, and planning to cover the entire life-cycle of the system.

One of ALPHANET’s key missions is providing business with cutting edge business and investment data security. Our certified experts can map and test your IT systems and services’ security parameters (hardening), analyze and respond to threats to IT systems, and prepare disaster-readiness systems to ensure business continuity.

In order to be fully effective, an organization must have effective security policies and protocols and robust systems for monitoring and responding to security threats. ALPHANET is here to provide assistance in establishing readiness in these areas.

ALPHANET’s Data Security solutions include:

  • IT audit preparation and assistance
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Disaster Readiness Planning (DRP)
  • General Data Protection Regulation consultation (GDPR)
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • User Access Management
  • Boundary Protection
  • Mobile Device
  • Log Analysis and Storage
  • IT Consultation and Standardization (BS7799, ISO 17799, ISO 27001, COBIT international and domestic standard-compliant)

In order to handle the growing size and complexity of contemporary systems and networks, the automation of system and network monitoring processes has become and increasingly important element in a business or organization’s ability to successfully comply with rules and regulations, and maximize human and financial resource efficiency.

With the help of an ALPHANET consultant, your organization will have access to the latest methods and techniques to streamline and automate system and network monitoring processes. Investment in system and network monitoring automation is guaranteed to be profitable for your company, as a proactive, automated system can better detect and address threats and errors in your pipeline and save you valuable time, money, and human energy in resolving major issues.

ALPHANET’s solutions for system and network monitoring:

  • Infrastructure management (server, application, storage functionality)
  • Services and Operating System functionality monitoring
  • Predictive monitoring of hardware errors
  • Network traffic and functionality monitoring

If you are interested in the solutions that ALPHANET can provide to your business or organization, reach out to us for a suggestion or make an appointment for a individualized consultation to see how we can help!