ALPHANET offers our customers high-quality customer service, including 24/7 service updates, bug reporting, and troubleshooting support over telephone or email.

To order parts for your devices, address defects, or troubleshoot technical problems, call our customer service on the phone! Dedicated customer support packages and high-level service includes access to our online Service Desk system.

Business hours for our service center:

Weekdays: 9:00 – 17:00
Weekends: closed

Contact methods:

9:00 – 17:00Telephone: +36 20 400 1200
17:00 – 9:00Emergency hotline: +36 20 400 1212

If you encounter a problem with any IT service, please contact our experts for a time and cost-effective solution to your problem.

Service Procedure

Our specialists utilize the ALPHANET Service Desk system as a tool to effectively monitor the problems and needs of our customers. With this system, you can always view the current status of an issue, change its status, or reach out to us regarding a pending solution.

ALPHANET’s Bug Tracker not only makes problem-solving more efficient, but also provides an essential channel to assure that commincation is always possible. Access to the system can be provided either when signing up for ALPHANET’s services, or by contacting ALPHANET’s customer service.

Thanks to our broad variety of international partners in component and supply service, we can guarantee an optimized solution, tailor-made for your busnisses needs.

Service Partnerships

Hewlwtt Peckard Enterprise
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Other manufacturer service offerings

Netapp Onsite 7×24 Warranty TPM Partnership (Osiatis Econocom)

Dell service support – 2nd Level Partner

Warranty inspection offerings







Micro Focus

Manufacturer support knowledgebase




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