Building the future of ICT

ALPHANET is committed to developing pioneering solutions to serve the infocommunications needs of a modern, connected society. Today’s society is driven by innovative ideas, empowering management analysis based on predictive solutions and intuitive visual interfaces.  ALPHANET has all the tools necessary to bring these innovative solutions to life.

During the 2017-2019 period, ALPHANET will begin implementation of our exciting research and development projects into exciting products that make the benefits of digitization easily accessible for everyday use.

With this goal in mind, ALPHANET Zrt. has initiated its’ “Comprehensive monitoring and management tool development and promotion of the sustainability of smart buildings” research and development project, ID: KFI_16-1-2017-0498.
The goal of the project is to produce a system which is capable of preemptive estimations of resource demands and consumption in intelligent buildings through autonomous machine learning and algorithmic analysis of historical data. To accomplish the initial goals of the project, there is a need for large quantities of high-quality measured data. Consequently, the initial focuses of the project are the data communication and power requisites of large sensor networks. The solution is being planned with optimal integrability and scalability in mind, even for buildings with systems handling up to and exceeding 1,000 locations. The integrated intelligence is planned to increase the health, safety, and energy efficiency of the environment it operates in.
The project intends to empower the creation of intelligent buildings with a “holistic” approach. Within this frame of mind, the goal is the development of monitoring and management tools which integrate all conceivable types of subsystems active in intelligent buildings. With the help of this development, the problem management, premises monitoring, security, utilities management, and systems are rendered linkable, along with any other systems that are created in the future.
The project has been made possible by a 487.73-million-forint non-refundable grant from the NRDI Fund, and will be developed under a period of February 1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2020.

Our numerous successful initiatives and the resulting completed projects over the last 10 years should serve as a solid guarantee that we provide cutting-edge, value-building solutions for our customers.


Development Projects

AN Core IdM – Egyedi jogosultság és azonosság kezelési rendszer

AN Core IdM – A unique Identity Management system

AN Core IdM is a custom in-house software development built for the IT security standards and domestic/international statutory compliance needs of our customers. With regard to IT management, the goal of security organizations is to automate the handling of user authentication and permissions. The solution was developed for mid-to-large sized IT organizations with a need for transparent and traceable user administration in the interest of more efficient and consistent operation.


ALPHANET’s IdM solutions primarily serve domestic and international financial institutions – particularly banking and corporate institutions with over 500 employees in need of supervision and control frameworks for their complex IT operations. Our solutions are uniquely developed to offer fast and automated supervision with the operational needs of the banking sector squarely in mind. ALPHANET’s in-house developments are guaranteed to be flexible and robust, owing to our strong technical knowledge base, including decades of experience meeting customers’ specific IdM needs. Furthermore, our technical experience allows us to seamlessly integrate our IdM solutions with the existing devices in operation with our clients. In sum, ALPHANET IdM solutions provide a robust Identity Management system, built on IdM standards and practices, harmonized with the needs of corporate clients, covering all of the considerations needed to integrate with existing boxed and non-boxed software.

Featured Reference:

MKB Bank – AN Core IdM Solution

AN BI SelfService - Üzleti intelligencia

AN BI SelfService – Business Intelligence – Self-service BI Solutions tailored to individual needs

In corporate environments, to accomplish efficient financial decision-making, disparate, unstructured data sources must be unified into a visually-oriented reporting interface. However, such a system is unattainable to businesses without the technical experience to install and maintain it. To meet this challenge, ALPHANET BI Self-Service development project has created a range of products to handle billing, logistical, manufacturing, customer service and other activities requiring visual mapping of business data.


Self-service Business Intelligence enables quick, efficient executive decision-making, empowering financially sound and justifiable business planning supported by always-up-to-date registers and reports. In operation, our BI solution processes clients’ business data, and through an administrative interface, consolidates, elucidates, and contextualizes handled data with relatable terms and figures.

In the experience of our many clients and partners, Business Intelligence reporting has become essential for companies with over 50 employees involved service provision, sales, shipping and logistics activities. The deployment of a BI reporting interface also helps companies build a unified corporate data structure and organize their customer base, allowing for clear and precise decision making. Subsequently, the predictive and historical analyses allowed by clear and visually organized data sets are the most important bases for the modern decision support systems that enable efficient corporate governance.

ALPHANET’s consultants’ and developers’ large body of experience ensures that the initial and continued development of our BI solutions always rises to meet new customer needs, and to stay on top of new technologies that are constantly arising in the field.

Featured references:

ALPHANET – Company Direction Portal

Berlin Chemie – Pharmaceutical division

BOSCH – Manufacturing and automation

AN HELPDESK - Intelligens ügyfélszolgálati és IT vagyon gazdálkodási rendszer

AN Helpdesk – Custom-tailored, intelligent customer service and IT asset management system

ALPHANET’s many successful project experiences ensure that we always bring the best operational practices and knowledge base (ITIL, IT Infrastructure Library) to the table to meet clients’ needs. One of our primary focus areas utilizing this knowledge base is the customized hardware-software audit, which we offer our clients to help them maximize the performance and efficiency of their IT systems and meet their changing goals.


In heterogeneous IT environments, there is often a lack of accessible, credible tools for reporting on and auditing of the finances related to software and hardware development workflows. To optimize these working environments and maximize decision-making potential, a quick and accurate device is required to track user behavior and activity.

In inventory and resource tracking systems with over 100 users, a software-hardware auditing system is likely to be necessary in order to comply with domestic and international standards. For existing ITSM services, the integrated customer service process and device discovery capacities of such systems ensure optimal efficiency by providing ad-hoc, flexible reports. However, to evaluate hardware-software configurations for a comprehensive audit, a degree of professional experience is required to meet with all contingencies. ALPHANET’s extensive experience ensures that your organization will have access to the knowledge base necessary to develop a truly unique and effective software-hardware auditing system. We approach every system we develop with the flexibility, modern approaches, and motivation necessary to truly create a system that meshes seamlessly with your company culture.

Featured references:

ALPHANET – complex ITIL-based Helpdesk system

KEKKH – IT Helpdesk, device management system


AN E-learning

Remote learning and testing frameworks exist to provide obstacle-free, uncomplicated access to online education services for organizations with large userbases and more than one location. With the help of such systems, users can give remote access to their knowledge bases, plan for the scope of training courses by viewing the course outlines in advance, and access customizable, fully fledged performance analysis tools to maximize results.


For geographically spread out organizations with many offices or campuses, the unified training of employees can pose a serious challenge, no small part of which involves the high cost of the implementation and testing of a capable system. Compared with traditional classroom instruction, online an mobile device-oriented courses often entail a greater investment of time and resources.

Despite these challenges, market research shows that for organizations with more than one office or campus, and over 250 employees, the most efficient solution is an online educational platform. The implementation of e-learning systems is also particularly advantageous for public utilities organizations agricultural, manufacturing, industrial, and service-oriented organizations. During the planning of the AN E-learning solution, we paid special attention to creating a product that is ready to mesh seamlessly with organizations of many sizes and in many fields. As such, though the primary function of the solution is to provide remote learning solutions for educational organizations, it is also designed to accommodate the needs of organizations seeking to distribute internal knowledge base resources intra-organizationally, with branch- and office-based access management, as necessity dictates. The framework can also be integrated with other systems if need be, such as access to an external library containing learning materials for students, or other systems that may have the need to reach large user bases in the context of active tasks.

The AN E-learning solution can also be used to help new employees obtain mandated fire and worker safety training quickly and efficiently, with easily accessible test records for compliance audits, with an easy pathway to updating the educational content to reflect changes in laws. Other uses for our solutions include IT security training and training in new software purchased by an organization.

With the help of a custom-developed E-learning infrastructures, employers can deliver the training necessary for employees to operate in special IT environments through an intuitive online platform, ensuring that essential roles are never left unfilled. ALPHANET’s vast knowledge base also guarantees the delivery of a system that is tailored to our customers’ needs, respects their data security, and makes use of market-leading E-learning frameworks to bring projects to fruition.