Why do customers choose Microsoft Teams?

  • With Microsoft Teams, users can complete all of their daily tasks in a single, unified web interface. All of the functions of Microsoft’s fully-fledged office suit in one interface!
  • Every communication channel, application, and document, all accessible through a single interface – available on PC, Mac, or mobile. Access and share work with colleagues without ever changing apps.
  • Microsoft builds on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, making it truly cloud-native, cost-effective and fast and easy to

Why do customers choose ALPHANET?

At ALPHANET, we believe that the introduction of new technologies to the workplace is not so much a technical challenge, as an organizational
challenge. Through many years of supporting clients through their digitalization efforts, we’ve developed flexible and innovative strategies to tackle the problems involved.

  • ALPHANET offers the AN Teams Jump Start program to help companies learn about the latest services and how they can be integrated into existing processes.
  • The training and inclusion of users is key to the success of a Teams project, which is why ALPHANET’s consultants place particular focus on change management, which includes meeting with company executives and process managers to fully understand the day-to-day issues that users are faced with, and how they can be overcome using the new technology.
  • Each group’s workspace is individually configured according to the specific needs of its members and the applicable industry best practices.
  • ALPHANET’s consultants ensure that new processes are created to comply to be up-to-speed with the newest IT and Security standards, aid with the deployment and configuration of clients, and assist in the integration of other new and existing infrastructure.
  • ALPHANET helps with the replacement of companies’ legacy telephone systems. As needed, our team can carry out the complete replacement of an existing telephone exchange system (PBX) with the Microsoft Teams Direct Route technology, streamlining internal communications processes.

If you are interested in the solutions that ALPHANET can provide to your business or organization, reach out to us for a suggestion or make an appointment for a individualized consultation to see how we can help!