Hungarian pharma leader saves time and money with MFA

Securing access for its global team used to involve the complex purchase, shipping and management of thousands of physical tokens for this large Central and Eastern European pharma leader. But a smart move to multi-factor cloud authentication with Azure has removed all that admin and cost.

Egis Pharmaceuticals is a leading generic pharmaceutical company that does everything from basic research through to production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products to sales and marketing in more than 70 countries.

To ensure secure access to important applications for employees, it had used an older on-premises security solution, but was looking for a better alternative. “We wanted to move to cloud-based delivery of this functionality instead, as we did not want to work with tokens anymore and preferred the idea of a centrally-managed way of doing this,” says the company’s IT Operations Manager, Tamás Hierholcz. “We also wanted to offer a solution that would help users working in the field with their own device, so they don’t have to use a separate device to operate as a token. Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication offered us the flexibility we wanted, as there was no financial investment needed in the beginning, and we could create the test environment in a few days.”

120 staff days saved per year

Working with trusted local implementation partner ALPHANET, Hierholcz now has 1,000 users worldwide working in a whole new way. “ALPHANET understood our needs very quickly, and offered us great advice about technology we were unfamiliar with,” he says. “They worked fast and in a very flexible way; I’d recommend them to others.”

“At Egis, home-office is a very popular way of working and there are a lot of employees who need to travel extensively for their jobs. But as they are now always secured by Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, users can very easily connect to internal Egis systems.”

It also helps the IT budget, as its pricing offers clarity and predictability, and it doesn’t require any physical infrastructure investment or management, or the purchase of any more tokens, saving a lot of money. “Deploying a traditional physical token-based multi-factor authentication solution would have cost us days of setup, shipping and handling of tokens and their day-to-day management. Using the Azure approach, on the other hand, all that time is saved; we estimate as much as 120 staff days.”

Finally, the move to cloud security also aligns well with other strategic moves at the company. “We are in the middle of a digital transformation, based on moving to Microsoft cloud based on Office 365, so using multi-factor authentication is a separate, but integrated step towards what we want to achieve.”

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Egis Pharmaceuticals – MFA Customer Story

We have achieved Dell EMC Gold Partner status!

At ALPHANET, we work hard to be a dependable service provider who is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers. We earnestly believe that providing the right solution depends on having a functional relationship with our partner manufacturers, and in that light, we are proud to announce that from 2019 we will be continuing to service our customers with quality solutions as a Dell EMC GOLD Partner!

Lenovo Platinum Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Lenovo Platinum Partner, thanks to our status as the 8th largest Lenovo reseller in the Lenovo Enterprise segment!

Cloud and IoT solutions – ALPHANET Zrt.’s Efforts towards Advancement

Significant changes are occuring in the IT World

Today’s advanced and progressive society is increasingly in need of IT solutions that are available regardless of constraints of time or location. Some IT market studies indicate that in the next 3-5 years, the market is likely to demand advanced devices that aid decision-making, management, and supervision. In this environment, only companies that follow the trend of digitalization and develop their IT strategy accordingly will be competitive in the market.

For many years, ALPHANET Zrt. has provided complex, up-to-date IT services with a focus on value for the end-user to companies at home and abroad, as well as for companies in the public sector.

Satisfied Customers

The latest domestic surveys indicate a significant in the number of Hungarian small and medium businesses utilizing cloud services, since the cloud provides services that were previously only available in enterprise environments.

The advantage of cloud computing largely lies in the benefit of distributing computing, where many computers, accessible over the internet, share the load of providing these services, as opposed to a single, dedicated on-premises device. These solutions are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their greater efficiency and a lower barrier of entry making life easier for customers who choose these solutions.

ALPHANET Zrt.’s clients often choose these cloud-based solutions because of these advantages. ALPHANET’s skilled technical team, constantly growing knowledge base, and exceptional list of references makes it an exceptional partner in the introduction of cloud solutions.

Using the newest technologies for sustainable growth

In 2018, ALPHANET began its IoT research and development project. The projects goal is the development of an autonomous learning system for use in intelligent buildings, which analyzes historical energy consumption to provide forecasts of future usage.

IoT (Internet of Things) technology is built on intelligent devices that communicate with one another over the network. With the use of integrated intelligence, the connected environment can be made healthier, safer, and make energy use more efficient.

ALPHANET believes in knowledge and innovation

ALPHANET’s team believes that constant learning, growing knowledge and experience, and highly-qualified professionals interacting in a positive work environment guarantee the highest-quality work. Background support is provided by international and domestic partners, who expect only the best from their partners.

When domestic companies need a professionally delivered IT solution, ALPHANET’s highly qualified technical team responds with solutions designed to meet future needs and challenges, and to comply with the constantly shifting trends in IT.

– Ipari Riportok Magazine, October 2018.

Sustainable Development with IoT Technology

ALPHANET Zrt. is working on an IoT project as part of the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office-sponsored “R+D+I support for companies” tender, – reported Attila Haraszti, the company’s Director of Research and Development.

In February of 2018, ALPHANET began work on its R&D project, titled “comprehensive monitoring and management product development, to enable the sustainability of smart buildings”, ID number KFI_16-1-2017-0498. The goal of the project is to produce a system capable of predicting future resource usage in real time, based on autonomous learning from historical data. The initial goals of the project work with large quantities of high-quality measured data, and as such, the development team is currently researching sensor technology – more specifically, the wireless implementation of such technology, and the accompanying electrical infrastructure.

Why is integrated intelligence particularly efficient?

The planned solution will be integrated and scalable for buildings with up to and exceeding a thousand locations. The use of integrated intelligence allows for the creation of a safer, healthier, and more energy-efficient environment.

The project aims to create smart buildings, via a “holistic” approach. With this aim, the goal is to develop monitoring and management devices that integrate all of the subsystems in any given building. With the help of these developments, technical oversight, problem solving, building supervision, and security are all conceptually integrable, with expandability firmly in focus. Such a project has the potential to provide serious advantages for participants, customers, and the national economy.

The end result of the Research & Development project will see the creation of a Hardware/Software system with which affected buildings’ data is immediately accessible along the lines customer-specified functionality, providing immediate value-building potential.

Growing ecological security

In the interest of sustainability, the project places an emphasis on the efficiency and operability of the sensor technologies used, which is primarily achieved through the re-use of waste energy. The planned system will be built upon a flexible hybrid on-premise/cloud-native base, wherein a multi-vendor approach is taken to ensure maximum compatibility with the broadest possible range of sensors and components. Besides the prediction of energy use, other utilities can also be measured to decrease buildings’ environmental footprints.

The devices that will ship with the product are built to replace PLCs, offer new programming options and ability sets, and come with twice the interface density, for half the price. The end result of the project will be a comprehensive, competitive product, useful internationally and across industry lines.

-IT Business, March 2018.

CEO and team player

“…a strategic inflection point is a time in the life of business when its fundamentals are about to change. that change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights. But it may just as likely signal the beginning of the end…”

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Alphanet team

The ALPHANET IdM Core Solution is Live!

Our invested time, energy, planning, and excellent teamwork has brought the MKB Bank contract to fruition.
The ALPHANET IdM Core is now live and ready for use.
Congratulations to the team for their excellent work!

GDPR – Myths and Facts, IT Business – June 2017

Newsletters, conferences and of course tech reporters are all abuzz about the European Union Data Protection Regulation. Experience shows that the vast majority of corporate leadership still possesses an incomplete understanding of the issue, which could potentially cause problems going forward.

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